In the Open Air

Photo Image: Pixabay Creative Commons Attribution Licence 1.0 (CC0 1.0)

“It’s opener there in the wide open air.”  (Dr. Seuss, 1957/1990)

After my  success in Google and Google Scholar it was time to step out on the open road and continue my inquiry re-search journey using library databases.  To begin my re-search in the A+ Education database, I first checked the thesaurus to tailor my search terms for maximum results.  The terms identified from the thesaurus were as follows:

A+ Education

Author created mind map 2018 – A+ Education Search Terms

Search highlights


Overall, even though I found less sources from the A+ Education database than my google re-search, I found they were highly relevant and Australian focused.  In particular Anne Knock’s article (2012)  stressed the importance of learning environment design to be led by pedagogy and not technology.  It was now time to take my next step along the road of my inquiry journey and test my re-search terms in the Proquest database.


Proquest (Eric)

Again, I started at the Eric thesaurus to help define my key search terms and create the following mind map:

Author created mind map 2018

Search Results


Using exact phrases provided the following highly targeted and relevant search result:

Eric Search

The second result from this search provided some interesting reading on what teachers want for future classrooms, however it was not the light bulb moment I was after. Following the subject indexes and article subject headings, I further tailored my search to see if I could find more relevant results. However, this was not as successful as I initially hoped.


My searching in Proquest did not provide me with the ‘information gold” I hoped for, however it did lead me to articles that provided further general and background information. The most useful aspect of Proquest was the ability to search relevant articles and subject headings to find other sources. It was time to hit the road again on my inquiry journey and head towards the social media pathway.


Reference: Dr.Seuss (1990). Oh, the places you’ll go! New York, NY: Random House. (Original work published 1957
Knock, Anne. The built environment : creating innovative learning spaces. [online]. Christian Teachers Journal; v.20 n.1 p.12-14; February 2012.